ACMPE Continuing Education Requirements

MGMA requires 50 hours to maintain your ACMPE credentials and to complete your CMPE. Of the 50 hours:

30 hours must be from MGMA National, state or local.

  • Article assessments (free, 10 a year offered)
  • Webinars (free as long as they are not certificate bearing, 25-45 a year)
  • Survey participation
  • Lunch and learns/meetings with professional development (presentation on a topic)

Of the 30 hours, 12 must be from LIVE learning from MGMA National, State or local chapter.

  • Live Webinars
  • Live teleconferences
  • Face to Face Events

20 hours must also come from qualified sources that pertain to the medical practice management field or MGMA.

  • Recognized professional associations and organizations
  • College and university coursework
  • Formal presentations
  • Distance learning with interactivity

Click here for a list of CE.

Why does Continuing Education matter? 

Continuing education encourages you to keep learning, improving and seeking best practices while also demonstrating personal and professional development and keeping abreast of changes in the medical practice management field.

What does the CE Requirement mean for nominees? 

A cumulative total of 50 credit hours is among the requirements for advancement to Certified Medical Practice Executive (CMPE) status. You may receive credit for continuing education taken up to one month prior to your nominee acceptance date.

What does the requirement mean fore CMPES and Fellows? 

Once you have advanced to CMPE or Fellow status, you must earn and submit 50 hours of qualifying credit hours every three years to maintain your designation. All members are on the same three-year cycle; the current cycle began Jan. 1, 2019, and concludes Dec. 21, 2021. MGMA will calculate a prorated requirement for CMPEs who advance after the beginning of a cycle. Be sure to check your transcript regularly to see how many hours you still need to fulfill.

Fellows Volunteer Hours

For Fellows, alongside the 50 hours of continuing education, you are required to meet six hours of volunteer hours in the same three-year cycle. The six volunteer hours are also required to become a Fellow, on top of keeping your CMPE in good standing.

Of the six hours required, three of the six hours must pertain to healthcare and the remainder may be of any type.

Examples of healthcare related volunteer hours:

  • MGMA volunteering
  • State or local MGMA volunteering (Click here <insert link to “Volunteer with NCMGMA” on NCMGMA website) for a list of North Carolina MGMA volunteer opportunities.)
  • Healthcare associations volunteering
  • Healthcare organization volunteering

Please manually log all hours in your ACMPE Tracking.



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